Master's degree in Government

Johns Hopkins University

Master's degree in National Security

Institute of World Politics

Board Member

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum


Local and nationwide non-profits


Wife of Baylor professor and mother of 2

Local Wacoan

3rd generation Wacoan

What Does Lauren Stand For?

  • One of the most important things that makes the United States so special is that each of us has Constitutional rights.

  • Every person's Constitutional rights matter.

  • When someone interacts with the justice system or law enforcement, they should be able to be confident that they will be treated fairly and that their rights will be respected.

  • As Americans, we must constantly review our justice system and improve it to make sure that it is fair for everyone and respects their rights.

  • Bail should be set based on the accused person's own actions, history, and circumstances, not those of other people.

  • The purpose of bail is not as punishment. It is to ensure that the accused appears in court at his/her trial. At that time, his or her guilt is determined and punishment is set. Bail must never be misused as punishment.

  • The accused is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Putting people in jail or prison is a big deal and should not be done lightly.

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