Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a useful tool for taking screenshots of web pages in your browser. If you are having trouble on your computer and are unable to explain exactly what it is doing, you can always take a picture of the problem to show your instructor.

If you are using the Chrome browser, navigate to

In the search field at the top of the sidebar on the left, type: Awesome Screenshot

A list of results will appear. Simply click the "ADD TO CHROME" button and it will be installed in your browser.

Chrome Web Store awesome screenshot


After it is successfully installed in your browser, you will see a new icon appear in your browser's toolbar at the top right of the window. Left clicking this icon will bring up a dropdown menu with several different options for capturing the page.

Awesomescreenshot options

 After choosing what you want to capture, you can annotate your image with arrows, lines, boxes, text and more.

Awesome ss annotations

Click the "Done" button when you're finished adding annotation.

Finally you can choose to save the image as a file, copy to clipboard, Print, or save online.

Awesomess save

You can follow the same instructions for Firefox, by navigating to and searching for Awesome Screenshot and clicking "Add to Firefox".

Class Assignment

Go to the Google homepage at  Click on the Awesome Screenshot icon at the top of your web browser, and take a screenshot.  Put a red box around the Google logo and hit save.  Then click on "Save on Awesome Screenshot" option and copy the link it generates.  Hit the button below and paste the link to your screenshot to your instructor.