Basics of Online Forms


Online forms can consist of fillable text fields, dropdown lists, selections, and more. The most basic form asks for your name, your email address, and a brief message that you can type in. Once you're done filling it out, you hit the submit button.

Once that submit button is pressed, the form generates an email to the form creator and depending on the type of form, it will send an email to you as well.

What are required fields?

Required fields are form fields that HAVE to be filled out in order for you to submit the form. If you skip the required field, it will stop you from being able to submit the form. You will see a warning next to the required field that you skipped.

You can usually tell if a field is required by the presence of an '*' next to the field, but some forms might not have this.

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Some form fields require a specific format, such as fields that ask for a telephone number or email address. If you enter a phone number like this: 5551234567 and the form doesn't validate, try adding the - symbol to your number: 555-123-4567.


Recaptcha protects the website from spam and abuse. Some people write automated programs or "bots" that will find forms and try and make as many submissions as possible, among other abusive activities.


If you've ever tried to fill out a form and it asks you to type a random hardly legible word, then you've seen a captcha. Recaptcha has evolved and now simply asks you to check a box stating that you are not a robot. It uses algorithms to try and detect if you're a bot or not, and if it can't tell, it asks you to pick a couple of pictures that matches theirs.


Class Assignment

Go to's website at and under GET FOUND, click on UPLOAD RESUME to create a new account.  Fill out the online form and hit submit.  After successfulling submitting, take an Awesome Screenshot of that page and send to instructor.