Do Basic Math Functions in Google Sheets


Open up Google Sheets and open an existing spreadsheet or create a new one.

Find or add cells containing numbers and click and drag your cursor over those cells to highlight them

math functions googlesheets1


Find the Functions button in your toolbar, left-click for a drop-down and select "SUM"

math functions googlesheets2

Hit "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard


Follow previous steps to open spreadsheet

Click an empty cell and type the = sign

This allows you to select cells you want to add to the formula

Click a cell containing a number, type the + sign, then click another cell containing a number you would like to add

math functions googlesheets3

Hit "Enter" or "Return" when finished=


Follow the same steps as "Addition", only instead of using a + sign between each cell, you type in the - sign

math functions googlesheets4


Follow the same steps as adding and subtracting, only this time using a * sign instead of a + or -