Purpose and Goals

Welcome to the new online technology curriculum for the CWJC program! While this curriculum has key differences from the previous curriculum the goal remains the same: to prepare women to be successful in the workforce. Based on feedback from currently employed CWJC graduates, this curriculum was carefully and intentionally designed to help the women in our program become comfortable and successful users of technology.

In addition to technology skills, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning has identified these life and career skills as being valued by today's employers:

  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Initiative and Self-Direction
  • Social and Cross Cultural
  • Productivity and Accountability
  • Leadership and Responsibility

Our hope is that, as students focus on the learning the technology lessons contained in this online curriuclum, many other life skills will be fostered at the same time.

This curriculum is:

1. Web (Internet) Based.

We recognize that today's technology is constantly evolving.  Having the curriculum online will allow it to be kept up to date and minimize printing costs by eliminating out-of-date copies that must be thrown away every year. It also allows for more visual instruction as it incorporates screenshots and video tutorials.

At the end of most lessons, students are given an assignment.  This encourages students to practice the task right after learning.  All assignments will be submitted via email or online form to get students used to communicating electronically.

A web-based curriculum also allows the greatest amount of flexibility for students. If a student needs to review a lesson multiple times before feeling confident that they have learned it, they have access to the curriculum beyond the hours of the class from any Internet-enabled device (smartphone, computer, tablet). Students who may be quick to pick up technology skills also have the ability to work ahead at their own pace.

2. Google Centric.

Google is a cloud-based system, which allows consistency for our students. Even if you are moving between computers in the lab, doing homework at home, using library computers, or working at a new job, you can login with your Google username and have your email, files, bookmarks, and settings just the way you are used to.

Going from Microsoft Office to Google Applications is a drastic change.  The reasoning for this is that Google Apps allows us to teach the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations without overwhelming students with many other features they are unlikely to use.  Also, the Google software is online and free so students can continue to use it after graduation.  Additionally, the versions of Microsoft Office vary so greatly that women are often frustrated after learning one version with CWJC and then having to work on a different version at their new job.


  • Students will learn to use technology as a tool that will assist them both personally and professionally.
  • Students will "learn to fish" by developing the skills to self teach themselves technology by using the Internet as a resource.
  • Students will build the confidence with technology to improve their interviewing skills and possible job placements.

Class Assignment

What is one goal you have for yourself during this technology course? Click the button below to email your personal goal to your instructor.