"In so many ways the so-called third brand of government is the most important? Why? Because it is the only one that focuses upon and upholds minority rights. The other two mostly respond to the majority, who are the ones that elect them. And now voters in Waco have an opportunity to elect one of their own: Lauren Daugherty, a community leader with integrity, common sense, and an abiding conviction that justice is meant for EVERYONE. As such, I strongly endorse her candidacy for Justice of the Peace."
Judge James P. Gray (Ret.)
25-year trial court judge in Orange County, California - 2012 Libertarian Nominee for Vice President
"Voters in Waco have an opportunity to elect a Justice of the Peace who will genuinely uphold individual liberties. Lauren Daugherty has the integrity, the qualifications and the appreciation for everyone's rights to carry out the responsibilities of Justice of the Peace with a real sense of justice. I proudly endorse Lauren for JP in Waco's Precinct 1, Place 2."
Gov. Bill Weld
Former governor of Massachusetts - 2016 Libertarian Nominee for Vice President
"Lauren was the campaign manager for my 2016 run for Texas Railroad Commissioner. She's now running for Justice of the Peace in Waco, Texas - and has already had a significant impact in her community. Knowing Lauren's skills, dedication, and smarts as I do, I expect her campaign to create quite a stir by November. She deserves all of our help and support as she stands up for the rights of everyone, especially the least of us, to be fairly treated by our judicial system."
Dr. Mark Miller
2014 and 2016 Libertarian Party Nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner
"Lauren Daugherty is a Texas-based fundraising expert for non-profit organizations. A long-time development officer for the Libertarian Party, she is running for Justice of the Peace Place 2 in Precinct 1 in McLennan County, Texas. This position would put her in charge of hearing most traffic, civil, truancy, and Class C misdemeanor cases, among other duties. Lauren decided to run to oppose an incumbent whom she believes has grossly abused his power in office to set unjust precedents. A wife and mother of two, Lauren has earned a Masters in Government from John Hopkins University, a Masters in National Security from the Institute of World Politics, and is a sitting Board Member on the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. She is a third-generation Wacoan and devout Christian, and is acutely familiar with local issues affecting the residents of Waco. Our America PAC proudly endorses Lauren for JP!"
Our America PAC
"Lauren Daugherty will restore honor to a JP bench that up to now has been rendered a sad joke by the incumbent, Pete "Million-Dollar Bond" Peterson. His craven betrayal of our Constitution in the Twin Peaks cases, by being Abel Reyna's obedient lap dog instead of an independent and fair judge, should disqualify him in the minds and hearts of anyone who cares about the rule of law. Lauren understands, and will demonstrate, that "liberty and justice for ALL" means exactly that. I enthusiastically endorse Lauren Daugherty and call upon honorable Democrats and Republicans to support her - because EVERYONE's rights really do matter."
Brian Bouffard
Criminal and military defense counsel and former Navy JAG lieutenant commander

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