Open/Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the web browser supported by Google. This is the Google Chrome icon:

chrome 1

Your Google account also lets you log in to Google Chrome and save your bookmarks, search history, and favorite settings to your account. Whenever you log in to Chrome on any computer, everything will look the same and you will have access to everything you need.

To Open Google Chrome

From Start Menu:

  1. Type "Chrome" into the search bar.  
  2. Click on the Google Chrome icon.

open chrome


  1. Click on All Programs.
  2. Find the Google Chrome folder, and then click on the Google Chrome application.

open chrome1


From desktop icon:

  • Double-click the Google Chrome icon either on the desktop or on the task bar.

open chrome2

 Using Chrome

When the application launches for the first time, you will an option to set Chrome as the default browser. Click Set as default.

chrome default

Whenever you open Chrome in the future, you will see the New Tab page, which includes a Google Search Box in the middle. 

You can type in what you are looking for into the search bar.

chrome 6

The common elements of Chrome are numbered below:

using chrome

1. Omnibox. This is the search bar and the address bar all rolled into one. Chrome knows if you are searching for a specific website or would like to do a more general keyword search, so just type whatever you are looking for in this box.

2. Tabs. You can click the partial tab at the end of the row to create a new tab. Each tab is a separate web page, and you can switch back and forth between them by clicking the tabs.

3. Navigation tools. The forward and back arrows will help you navigate the path of websites you visited while that tab was open. If you click a link you didn't mean to click, you can click the back button to return to the site you started with.

4. Chrome Menu. These three lines will open the menu that will let you sign in to your Chrome account, manage bookmarks, etc.


Class Assignment

Find and open Google Chrome on your computer. Click the button below, and in the large field, summarize the process for finding and opening Google Chrome to send to your instructor.